Acorn Bed
Cannon Ball Bed
Carved Pineapple Bed
Charleston Bed
Fairfax Bed
Hamilton Bed (CW)
Old Dominion Bed
Pencil Post Bed (3")
Pencil Post Bed (4")
Pulaski Bed (CW)
Richmond Bed
Wythe Bed (CW)
Chippendale Bed
Govenor's Sheraton Bed
Sheraton Bed
Virginia Bed
Sleigh Bed
Sleigh Bed w/ Flat Panels
Sleigh Bed w/ Raised Panels


Chippendale Storage Press w/ Doors
Chippendale Storage Press w/ 1 Drawer
Chippendale Storage Press w/ 3 Drawers
Chippendale Bookcase (CW)
Chippendale Corner Media Cabinet

Tall Chests

Sheraton Chest on Chest (VMFA)
Bruton Full Bonnet Highboy (CW)
Chippendale 5-Drawer Chest
Chippendale 6-Drawer Chest
Chippendale Chest on Chest
Chippendale Lingerie Chest
Raleigh Chippendale 6-Drawer Chest (CW)
Hepplewhite 5-Drawer Chest
Queen Anne Full Bonnet Highboy
Virginia Tall Chest

Medium Chests

Hepplewhite 4-Drawer Chest
Sheraton Chest of Drawers (VMFA)
Chippendale 3-Drawer Chest
Chippendale 4-Drawer Chest
Chippendale 4-Drawer Chest (CW)
Hepplewhite Bowfront Chest
Chippendale Lowboy
Chippendale Double Dresser

Short Chests

Bachelor's Chest w/ Doors
Bachelor's Chest with Drawers
Lightfoot Chippendale Bedside Chest (CW)
Chippendale Bedside Chest
Hepplewhite 3-Drawer Chest w/ Painted Front
Large Chippendale Blanket Chest


Governor's Chippendale Table
Newport Chippendale Table
Botetourt Hepplewhite Bedside Table (CW)
Stuart Hepplewhite Table
Sheraton Table


Patrick Henry Corner Chair (CW)
Chippendale Chair w/ Virginia Back
Peyton Chippendale Chair (CW)
Hepplewhite Chair
Queen Anne Chair
Duncan Phyfe Chair
Chippendale Bed Steps
Chippendale Ball and Claw Chair
Chippendale Bench
Large Chippendale Bench