The philosophy of Owen Suter’s restoration work is to respect and preserve as much of the original piece as possible. Regardless of the specific repairs, each piece recieves the same attention.

Furniture Refinishing

Refinishing is an ideal solution when the existing finish is damaged or a new look or color is desired. Owen Suter’s does not dip furniture to strip away the old finish. We hand strip all the pieces. Hand stripping ensures joints are not dried out and there is no disfiguring of the wood from sitting in chemicals. Each pieces is then stained and lacquered with our proven finish.

Furniture Repair

The key to quality furniture repair is and attention to detail. The repairs should not be visible and should last.

We can:

Repair fire, smoke, and water damage

Re-fabricate and replace missing or broken parts.

Reinforce and re-glue loose joints.

Before and After

IMG_0989 IMG_1226