Owen E. Suter, III remains dedicated to preserving a lineage of hand-crafted 18th century reproduction furniture made with the same style and artisanship as the pieces, constructed the way it was originally designed, without the shortcuts the modern age offers; moreover, Owen E. Suter, III has been the latest link in this chain of classic Americana furnishings to serve every function. The business Owen has built is a constant thread in the great tapestry of the great American form and function. 

For six generations, the Suter family has been dedicated to preserving the lineage of hand-made furniture, constructed the way it was originally designed. 

A Standard of Excellence

For anyone in the furniture business, few can boast the amount and pedigree of accolades than Owen E. Suter III.  As a 6th generation manufacturer and designer, Owen revolutionized handmade reproductions in the ever shrinking production of authentic, sturdy, and beautiful reproductions of the amazing cabinetry to emerge from early American.  Owen Suter's shop walls are filled with jigs , custom patterns and designs to build any piece or customize one in record time .  The curated approved reproductions for Colonial Williamsburg, the VFMA and awards for not only furniture, but giving back to the community, alone speak for themselves.

Sustainable Hardwoods

All of our furniture is made from  some of the best hardwoods to grace the earth, namely Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Tiger Maple.  Most items are Mahogany which is felled by Global Lumber in "forest reserves," where the wood is periodically cut in swaths in a strictly regulated way.  This allows the canopy of the tree tops to remain, unharmed, and stay 'Globally Significant Biodiversity Areas,' and prevent other loggers from simply clear cutting.  Once a strip is felled, it can not be logged again for at least forty years to ensure renewability, and maintain the health of the local ecosystem.  Much of the lumber comes from areas which has some of the most restrictive logging regulations on the planet, where each tree is specifically chosen as to not hurt the area and no more than two trees per hectare, or about two and a half acres, can be felled at a time. 

Customize Any Piece

We offer a wide array of options on catalogue products, such as, the style of the drawers, the type of wood used for inlay, decorative or working locks, interior lighting, and More.  But most importantly, we also can built virtually any piece of furniture that one could imagine, to fit any spaces in any home, office  and we build entire custom made pieces to the buyers specifications.