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Article: The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues

For six generations, Owen E. Suter III has kept the proud lineage of hand-made, neo-classical Americana furniture alive. From the detailed pieces out of our catalog, to the curated replicas of items for Colonial Williamsburg and the VMFA, all pieces were made just like they were when this new style was first blooming in the American colonies. That knowledge has become, and stayed, a part of America’s living history. The stunning craftsmanship used to recreate these works of art leave any admirer of carpentry in awe at their organic beauty, and any buyer proud of how such simple designs have stood the test of time. All Owen Suter’s furniture is made of some of the world's finest hardwood: mahogany, walnut, cherry and tiger maple woods. All fell in a responsible and renewable way when harvesting this beautiful wood, supplied by Global Lumber LLC. A specially developed finish is skillfully applied to each piece after the item has been created. Our furniture designs create endless possibilities for creating unusual and individual room settings for you and your family to enjoy for many generations.

Handcrafted for any form

The subtle grace of these timeless construction techniques combine the quality and beauty of the woods themselves with the visions of the customer to become a national treasure. All of Owen Suter’s furniture can be built to specifications from just the finest solid Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry and Tiger Maple hardwoods to supplementing veneers for large interior projects. All finished surfaces have a specially developed finish applied to each surface so the finished work has been created to the buyers’ preference. The multi-step hand rubbed finish is used to give a patina, gloss, or matte sheen based on buyers' selection.. The detailed craftsmanship on every piece and the options to customize both allow a buyer to fall in love with any piece on the showroom floor or create a more custom item made to the buyer’s specifications.

Local Tradition Lives

We have built custom designs to fit the interior schemes of Universities such as Washington & Lee, Hampden - Sydney College, Furman University, and the University of Virginia. In fact, Owen helped furnish the Pavilion VII at UVA, with custom furniture. Pavillion VII was  the very 1st building Thomas Jefferson constructed in what would become one of the most respected public colleges in the United States.

Our custom built furniture also adorns many historical properties in Virginia and beyond to include Curles Neck Farm, Brandon Plantation, Henry Clay Inn, Colonial Williamsburg Inn to name a few.  We offer Collections from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Colonial Williamsburg, and Mount Vernon

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