The Stylistic Impact of American Furniture

The techniques of furniture design reached a new plateau of evolution during the 17th century that was so significant it is still being re-harnessed and honored today, in the same spirit that the first artisans yearned for something better, be it strength, design, or simple beauty. There are no short cuts in these accurate reproductions of 1800’s furniture found throughout the fledgling markets of America from the southern coasts all the way to the northern headlands. The Neo-classical cultural renaissance that shaped America’s birth ensconced all aspects of this country’s tradition, including a style of furnishings that was designed to be strong yet slender, elegant but functional, large but still portable. Skilled craftsmanship is apparent in every detail of our bench made furniture. Some of the most important details of construction, which add greatly to furniture’s value and authenticity, are not even visible to the unlearned eye. These subtly details of construction of each piece can only be reproduced by the most skilled hands of today in the same manner as the originals, and are neatly outlined by the artisans themselves in the descriptions of construction to ensure that the legacy remains intact. For this reason, we offer lengthy descriptions of the construction features for all the amateur wood workers and lovers of this rich history.

Stylings from the Federalist, or Revolutionary, period, bridge a gap between the old-world decoration of the Monarchies of 16th century Europe all the way to the post-Revolutionary era, when the famous names of the times like Hepplewhite, Chippendale, and Sheraton emerged. The larger pieces in the catalogue better demonstrate the union of these two abutting styles. The motifs of both eras can be seen more clearly on the larger items.