Bottle Case - VMFA Collection

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The classic 18th Century Bottle Case (Cellaret), is part of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Furniture Collection in Richmond, Virginia. The reproduction of this piece by Owen Suter’s is an exact replica of the original. The Cellaret is poised on a particularly slim and elegant frame with slender, tapering legs embellished with restrained inlay. In 1952, the Virginia Museum staged its first exhibition of southern American furniture ever held in the United States. Among many objects on view was this elegant inlaid Federal cellaret. Like elaborately embellished coffee and tea pots, sugar boxes and other containers in the museums collections, cellarets were designed to hold a precious commodity- in this case, wine and spirits.

Made of solid walnut

Mortise, tenon and peg construction

Full mortise lock on the cellaret

39 ½”H x 20″W x 14 ⅞”D

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